12V RGB 5050 SMD LED Strip- 5Meter


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12V RGB 5050 SMD LED Strip with 5Meter length has 300 Bright, RGB LEDs on the single strip!  The strip is comprised of 5050 Sized SMD RGB LEDs and draws a total of 22.5 Watts of Power. This RGB 5050 SMD LED Strip strip is flexible and can be bent to conform to curves and corners. Runs from 12VDC. (Power supply and controller not included) You need a minimum output 2 AMPs Adapter to power this full 5 Meter strip. Using an underpowered power supply on these strips will result in power loss down the line and mismatched colors due to a certain color of diodes not receiving enough power.

These strips are a bit different because, though they have the same number of LED modules (300) in another Cold white or Warm White roll, they actually have three times the light-emitting diodes as a regular LED strips. This is because each of the 300 modules on the strip each contains three colors. A red, a blue, and green LED. This means that, when set to white, at full brightness, the RGB strips use almost three times the power as the regular white strips. A 5 Meter roll of RGB LEDs uses roughly 2.8 Amps at 12VDC. So connecting three of these strips, end-to-end would result in roughly an 8.4 Amp requirement.

We also carry 44 Keys RGB IR Remote Controller for 12V 5050 RGB LED Strip

Note: These are NOT individually addressable LED strips. Each color has its own separate 12VDC circuit. For a total of three 12VDC circuits (R G B). You can power these strips off of regular 12V DC if you don’t need advanced flashing patterns or color mixing.


  1. With the controller can make various colours and change Blinking patterns,
  2. Such as horse race, raindrop, color scan, trail and jump etc.
  3. Flexible can be bent to any shape.
  4. LED quantity and length can be made customizable
  5. High brightness and long life (over 40,000hrs)
  6. Low voltage, safe for use.

Package Includes:

1 x 12V RGB 5050 SMD LED Strip- 5Meter


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