3 Channel Path Tracing Module


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It is a 5V 3 Channel Infrared Line Track Tracking Tracker Sensor Module For Arduino AVR ARM PIC.
Pin Definition:
  1. VCC Voltage Supply ( 5 V)
  2. GND Ground
  3. L Signal from L infrared sensor (high / low)
  4. C Signal from C infrared sensor (high / low)
  5. R Signal from R infrared sensor (high / low)


  1. 3 channel tracking sensors, must have in your Arduino DIY Robot Projects;
  2. Uses infrared light detection, anti-jamming capability, using CTRT5000 sensor, adjustable sensitivity, stable performance;
  3. Working voltage : 5V
  4. With lights, a fixed bolt hole for easy installation

Package Includes:

1 x 3 Channel Path Tracing Module

Specifications :-

Working Voltage 5V
Length (mm) 68
Width (mm) 33
Height (mm) 8
Weight (gm) 10
Shipment Weight 0.015 kg
Shipment Dimensions 10 6 2 cm

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