Advance Electronics Component Package kit


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This kit content all basic component needed to small prototype projects. This kit comes with a good quality plastic lockbox to keep component and use it repeatedly.  At the following package Includes where you can find all included component in this kit

Package Includes:

1 x Advance Electronics Component Package kit

Kit Includes:

1pcs High-Quality Retail Box
1pcs 830pts breadboard(MB-102)
50pcs Jumper wires
10pcs of each 5mm LED(Yellow, Red, Blue, Green)
1pcs 5mm RGB LED
1pcs Resistor card
10pcs of each resistor (220R, 1K, 10K)
10pcs 10ηF Ceramic capacitor
10pcs 100ηF Ceramic capacitor
5pcs 100UF Aluminum capacitor
2pcs Ball Switch
2pcs 103 Thermistor
2pcs 5mm LDR
2pcs Diode 1N4007
1pcs Active buzzer
1pcs Passive buzzer
1pcs 4 Digital tube Display
1pcs 1 Digital tube Display
1pcs 8 x 8 Matrix dot digital tube
1pcs LM35DZ
1pcs 74hc595N
4pcs Button switch
1pcs SG90
1pcs 1*40 Pin header
1pcs Acrylic board (120 x 85 x 2 mm)


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