AM2322 Temperature and humidity sensor


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AM2322 digital temperature and humidity sensor are contain calibration digital composite signal output of the temperature and humidity sensor. Using special technology of collecting the data on temperature and humidity, ensure that the product has very high reliability and excellent long-term stability. Includes a capacitive moisture sensor element and a high-precision integrated temperature measuring element, And is connected to a high-performance microprocessor.

The product has excellent quality, super-fast response, strong anti-interference ability, and an extremely high performance-price ratio. AM2322 communication mode using a single bus and standard I2C, are two kinds of communication modes. A standard single bus interface, makes the system integration becomes simple and fast. Super small volume, low power consumption, and signal transmission distance of 20 meters make it all kinds of applications of the best choice for even the most demanding applications.

In I2C communication mode with a standard communication sequence, the user can be directly hung on the I2C communication bus, with no additional wiring, and simple to use. Two kinds of communication modes are used direct output after temperature compensation, humidity, temperature, and calibration of CRC and other digital information, users need to do the second calculation of digital output, No need to compensate the temperature-humidity, accurate temperature, and humidity information can be got.


  1. Temperature and humidity sensor
  2. Fully calibrated
  3. Digital signal output
  4. Excellent long-term stability
  5. Low power consumption, high-cost performance
  6. Standard I2C bus output
  7. Standard single bus output

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1 x AM2322 Temperature and humidity sensor

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