BFD-1000 Five Channel Infrared Tracking Sensor Module


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BFD-1000 Five Channel Infrared Tracking Sensor Module is a sensor board designed for use with line follower robots. This module has been sufficient to meet the day-to-day task of tracking, but also with the infrared distance sensor and touch detection sensor, the board makes your robot design able to adapt to the situation easily.

BFD 1000 specifically designed as a black line (white) XunQu, especially suitable for the complex of black and white line, cross black and white line detection, it has 6 roads high sensitivity infrared sensor (5 escapes patrol, 1 road), to the recognition of black and white line accurately, it has the following functions and features:-
1. BFD 1000 integrated no.5 high sensitivity tracking sensor, for the environmental impact of small, can accurate tracking to complex black line (white line), for the simple black line tracking more comfortable.
2. BFD 1000 integrated infrared Barrie sensor, escapes distance can be regulated through the slide rheostat.
3. BFD 1000 has a specially designed touch detection sensor, from the design of the robot is more simple.
4. BFD 1000 all of the output signal to a digital signal (v), conveniently connected with MCU.
5. All sensor output state BFD 1000 have LED lights as instructions, convenient debugging.
6. BFD 1000 support voltage of 3.0-5.5 v meet the demand of most systems.
7. Using the high sensitivity of the sensor, tracking range between 0.5 mm to 40 mm any change and dont need to do any adjustment.


  1. 5 channel high sensitivity sensor
  2. High accuracy for tracking black line.
  3. Distance sensor at the front, distance can be adjusted
  4. Special touch sensor design, making the robot design simple
  5. Digital output signal
  6. Indicator LEDs


Package Includes:

1 x BFD-1000 Five Channel Infrared Tracking Module

Additional information

Input voltage 3.0-5.5V
Output Type Digital output (high and low)
Detecting distance 0-4cm (black line sensor) 0-5cm (adjustable distance detection)
Length (mm) 13
Width (mm) 5
Height (mm) 2
Weight (gm) 12
Shipment Weight 0.01 kg

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