DFRobot Fermion: ICG 20660L Accel+Gyro 6-Axis IMU Module (Breakout)


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This is DFRobot Fermion: ICG 20660L Accel+Gyro 6-Axis IMU Module (Breakout).

DFrobot offers an advanced level of sensors at an affordable cost than any other competitor brand in the market, making them ideal for the one who wants to start some Projects through Different types of sensors.

After finding Different types of sensors on market, we at have determined that DFrobot is one of the good brands that offer a wide range of sensors at an Appropriate price.

The ICG-20660L is a high-precision 6-axis IMU module that integrates a 3-axis accelerometer(2/4/8/16g), a 3-axis gyroscope(125/250/500dps), and on-chip 16-bit ADCs.With up to 1% initial sensitivity and low noise(6.5mdps/Hz), it is very suitable for anti-shaking applications.The 6-axis motion sensor includes 512-byte FIFO to reduce traffic on the serial bus interface. Also, it features functions like programmable interrupts, and FSYNC (frame synchronization), which can be used with another image/video capture devices to build up OIS (Optical Image Stabilization)/ EIS (Electric Image Stabilization) projects. Additionally, the small size of the sensor makes it more flexible for various scenarios.

Pinout Diagram:



Connection Diagram:


  1. Digital Camera/Phone Camera
  2. Anti-shaking applications
  3. Enhanced Virtual Reality Equipment


  1. High Precision
  2. Low Noise
  3. Current Consumption: 140uA (sleep mode)/ 520uA (Accelerometer mode only)/ 4.27mA (Gyro mode only)/ 4.9mA (accelerometer and gyro mode)

Useful Links:

Please visit the DFrobot wikipage for more information about this product. Any suggestions for improvement, such as correcting errors, adding more demo codes or tutorials, will be highly appreciated.

Package Includes:

1 x Fermion ICG 20660L Accel+Gyro 6-Axis IMU Module Breakout

1 x 2.54mm Single Row Pin Header Black-8P

1 x 2.54mm Single Row Pin Header Black-4P

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