DYS F2204 Drone Power Combo Set (Original)


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This DYS F2204 Drone Power Combo Set (Original) is the best low price drone motors and accessories combo set available in the market.

If you are about to have a great flying drone or quadcopter designed all by you. OKAY GREAT, But having a limited budget ??

Then here is the best deal for you!!!!

BE2204 Brushless Motors

This DYS F2204 Drone Power Combo Set (Original) with  BE2204 Motor is our best market cracking Racing/ fixed-wing/ Brushless/ UAV Motor . These Racing/ fixed-wing/ Brushless/ UAV Motor for drones are imported from China. Our quality control team then test some of the random motors from each batch before setting them on sale to assure you the best-tested Quality.

This 2400KV Racing/ fixed-wing/ Brushless/ UAV Motor is equipped with a solid metal case which makes it reliable and durable. It is a pack of BE2204 2400KV CW CCW Brushless Motor for Drone with BL30A BLHeli firmware ESC and ABS5030 Propeller Set.

ABS5030 Propellers

ABS5030 Props included fits perfectly in this pack. There is 1 extra pair of propellers in this pack. These props are light in weight and they are high strength propellers.

BL30A BLHeli firmware ESC

The new DYS BLHeli series speed controllers are quickly becoming the most popular ESCs amongst drone racing enthusiasts and with good reason. They are ultra-small, very light and arrive flashed with the best multirotor firmware out there, namely BLHeli. Being specifically designed for multirotor use, they are tuned to deliver an ultra-fast throttle response, which helps to improve stability and give you that much sought-after locked-in feeling!

Note: Product colour may vary from the images shown.



1. BE2204 Motor

  1. New design with imported NMB bearing
  2. Powerful with 680g thrust.
  3. Special design for the FPV racer champions

2. BL30A BLHeli firmware ESC

  1. Designed specifically for multi-rotors
  2. Tiny form factor and low weight
  3. Preloaded with BLHeli, OneShot125 & Dampened Light (active braking) supported
  4. Fast throttle response – high 500Hz maximum refresh rate compatible with all flight controllers
  5. Twisted signal cable reducing the crosstalk during signal transfer
  6. Feature all new ultra-low resistance MOSFETs for superior current handling
  7. Thick PCB for better heat dissipation
  8. High-performance capacitor filter

3. ABS6045 Two-blade Propellers

  1. Comes with thin and wide blades
  2. 5030(5 x 3) Propellers features an epoxy resin cover.
  3. Quick to release, quick to attach
  4. New design propellers, with greater aerodynamic efficiency, good lifting capacity.


  1. KV: 2400
  2. Configuration: 12N14P
  3. Stator Diameter: 22.0mm
  4. Stator Length: 4.0mm
  5. Shaft Diameter: 3.0mm
  6. Motor Dimensions (Dia.*Len): Φ27×16.5mm
  7. Weight (g): 23g
  8. of Cells(Lipo): 3-4S
  9. Max Continuous Current (A): 18.9A
  10. Max Continuous Power (W): 279.7W
  11. Internal resistance: 0.013Ω


  1. Model: BL30A / SN30A
  2. Battery: 6-22.2V (2-6S Lipo)
  3. Current Rating: 30amp / 35amp burst
  4. BEC: No (OPTO)
  5. Signal frequency: 20-500Hz
  6. Output PWM frequency: 18KHz
  7. Firmware: BLHeli (also compatible with SimonK)
  8. Size: 45×16.6×5.5mm
  9. Weight: 14.5g

ABS5030 Two-Blade Propellers:

  1. Hi-Performance Prop FPV 2 blade bullnose propeller ABS5030 CW/CCW
  2. Material: PC
  3. Size: 5 x 3
  4. Hub inner diameter(ID): M5
  5. Hub thickness: 6.3mm
  6. Weight: 2.4g/pcs
  7. Color: Green and Orange.

Package Includes :

4 x BE2204- 2400KV  CW CCW KV Brushless Motor
4 x Set of Motor Accessories
4 x BL30A BLheli firmware ESC
6 x ABS5030 Propellers(3CW, 3CCW).


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