Lead-free oxygen sensor AOX3000


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AOX3000 is an industrial-grade three-electrode lead-free oxygen sensor. The sensor adopts the principle of the fuel cell, does not contain a lead block inside, and complies with RoHS standards. The design life of AOX3000 is more than 5 years, and the life will not be affected by chemical reaction consumption. The product has a compact structure, small size, fast response, and strong anti-interference ability.

Application Range

AOX3000 lead-free oxygen sensor is mainly used to measure the oxygen concentration in the environment, widely used in coal mines, steel, petrochemical, medical, and other fields, and can be configured in gas detectors, portable safety instruments, oxygen alarms, and gas analyzers and other equipment.


  1. Small size, light weight
  2. Life time more than 5 years
  3. Environmentally friendly, lead-free design
  4. Fast response, less than 15 seconds

Package Includes:

1 x Lead-free oxygen sensor AOX3000

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