Mbridge RJ25 Expension Board Support Micro:bit


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mBridge is a simple and easy-to-use expansion boardcompatible with RJ25 sensor module.

It is simple and easy to use, mBridge needs to be plugged into the robot bit to use, the micro bit is used as the main control board, and mBridge is specially designed for the RJ25 sensor module.

It allows users to use the RJ25 sensor module under the makecode platform.

mBridge cannot be used alone, it must be used with microbit and robotbit!


Getting through the programming of microbit and RJ25 module sensor.

  1. No need to waste your RJ25 module
  2. No need to transfer the Dupont line, use RJ25 crystal headline directly
  3. Existing Robotbit users do not need to buy another Microbit expansion board of similar nature in order to use the RJ25 module, and only need to expand on Robotbit.
  4. Support Make code, with mBridge plug-in, while driving mBridge, it does not affect the programming resources on Robotbit (RGB lights, motors, servos, etc.)

Programming in Makecode:

Programming in Makecode now supports most of the sensors of RJ25. Users only need to simply drag the building blocks to program the microbit as usual to DIY the effect.

Makecode extension address corresponding to mBridge:


4 groups of RJ25 interfaces

  1. PORT1, PORT2, PORT3 can be used as analogue sensor interface, can be connected to the makeblock module with black color mark
  2. PORT1, PORT2, PORT3, PORT4 can be used as digital sensor interface, can be connected to makeblock modules with yellow and blue color code
  3. PORT1, PORT2, PORT3, PORT4 can be used as I2C sensor interface, can be connected to the makeblock module with white color mark
  4. Onboard 4Pin I2C pin header interface, can be connected to 5V I2C module.


  1. Interface voltage: 5V
  2. LED light: 5V power indicator
  3. Support software: Makecode / kittenblock
  4. 4P pin header, 5VI2C DuPont line module interface
  5. 5V power indicator
  6. 8P female header, plugged into the 8-way IO port of robotbit
  7. 2P female header, plugged into the 5V interface of robotbit
  8. 2P female header, plugged into the GND interface of the robotbit

Package Includes:

1 x Mbridge RJ25 Expension Board

Specifications :-

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