Micro Bit GPIO BreadBoard Expansion Board


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The micro: bit on its own has three digital/analog input/output rings available for you to use initially with alligator clips. With the micro: bit breakout we have broken out all 22 GPIO, power, and ground-to-pin outs in a 0.1 formation. With this breakout, you will be able to unlock the full potential of your micro: bit!


  1. Extend the functionality of the micro: bit beyond what is already on the board through breakout or General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) expansion board.
  2. Breadboard expansion board gives you numerous options with the additional port for USB.
  3. 5v power supply port available.
  4. All pins are clearly labeled for expansion. Compatible with 420 points and 840 point breadboard.

Package Includes:

1 x Micro: bit GPIO Bread Board Expansion Board



Expansion Board Type: Breadboard type GPIO Board
GPIO Pins 22 GPIO Pins
Connection Type 0.1-inch space headers
Mounting Hole Diameter (mm) M3
Length (mm) 70
Width (mm) 50
Height (mm) 20
Weight (gm) 20

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