MPU9250 9-Axis Gyro Accelerometer Module


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MPU9250 9-Axis Attitude Gyro Accelerator Magnetometer Sensor Module features the MPU-9250, which is a multi-chip module (MCM) consisting of two dies integrated into a single QFN package. One die houses the 3-Axis  accelerometer and gyroscope. The other die houses the AK8963 3-Axis magnetometer. Hence, the MPU-9250 is a 9-axis Motion Tracking device that combines a 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer, and a Digital Motion Processor (DMP). It is based on I2C Address, Address: 0x68 by default, 0x69 if AD0 is pulled high.

The MPU-9250 also features an embedded temperature sensor. This module includes pull-up resistors on the SDA, SCL, and nCS lines, pull-down resistors on the FSYNC and AD0 lines, and an onboard 3.3V voltage regulator allowing you to power the module from 5V sources such as an Arduino. If you desire to power the module from 3.3V you can bridge the solder jumper next to the voltage regulator to bypass the regulator.


1.FPV, RC, and Robots systems

2.GPS navigation systems

3.Impact recognition and logging

4.Gaming and virtual reality input devices

5.Motion-activated functions

6.Intelligent power saving for handheld devices

7.Vibration monitoring and compensation

8.Free-fall detection


1.Acceleration, Gyroscope, and Magnetometer

2.9 DOF module

3.Build-in ultra-low noise linear LDO voltage regulator.

4.Built-in onboard filters, which reduce noise from the motor and other high current electronics.

5.All sensors are connected to the I2C bus.

6.Build-in the Logic level converter for I2C.

7.Power indicator LED.

8.Using Immersion Gold PCB, machine welding process to ensure quality.

9.On-board pull-up resistors on SDA, SCL, and nCS

10.On-board pull-down resistors on FSYNC and AD0

Package Includes :

1 x MPU9250 9-Axis Attitude Gyro Accelerator Magnetometer Sensor Module

1 x Jumper Header(Unsoldered).

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