RC FPV Drone Night Navigation LED Lights with Shell Flight Searchlight 12V/5V White


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This LED is use as drone Night Navigation which is fix on Drone frame. These are specialized lighting accessories designed to enhance the visibility and orientation of remote-controlled drones during nighttime flights. These lights typically come with a durable shell or housing and are equipped with powerful LEDs that emit bright green light.

The lights are designed to be easily mounted on the drone’s frame or arms, and they are powered by either a 12V or 5V power source, depending on the specific model. The power can be sourced from the drone’s battery or an external power supply.

The primary purpose of these LED lights is to aid in the navigation and orientation of the drone during low-light conditions or in complete darkness. The bright green light emitted by the LEDs helps the pilot maintain visual contact with the drone and distinguish its position and direction. This is especially useful for FPV (First-Person View) drone pilots who rely on a live video feed from the drone’s camera to navigate.

In addition to enhancing visibility, some models of these LED lights may also offer additional features such as different lighting modes (e.g., steady, flashing, or strobe) and adjustable brightness levels. These options provide flexibility to adapt the lights to different flying conditions and personal preferences.

When purchasing RC FPV Drone Night Navigation LED Lights, make sure to check the compatibility with your specific drone model, the power requirements, and any additional features or accessories included. It’s also crucial to follow the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure proper attachment and reliable performance of the lights during flights.

Generic Rc Fpv Drone Night Navigation Led Lights W Shell Flight Searchlight 12V5V Green


  1. The drone lights are designed for fixed wing, Delta wing FPV Racing Drone Quadcopter
  2. Water droplet shape with super-streamline design, making flight fun.
  3. LED light is bright and visible, visible in 500 meters range, beautiful and durable.
  4. Supporting wireless connection, easy to install and remove.
  5. It is light, which will not add extra burden to drone.
  6. 3 different scintillation modes: double flash, quick flash, flicker flash.
  7. Energy efficient standard design, it can be used for more than 3 hours continuously.
  8. Equipped with 2 charging cables, one is lithium battery balanced charging cable, other one is a cable with USB charging module

Package Includes:

1 x RC FPV Drone Night Navigation LED Lights w Shell Flight Searchlight 12V/5V white


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