Reed Switch/Sensor – Magnetic Switch – 28mm


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Reed Switch/Sensor – Magnetic Switch – 28mm

Reed Switch is a sensor that closes the circuit in presence of the magnetic field. It is a passive electronic switching component used to control the flow of electricity in a circuit. It contains a glass envelop in which two ferrous elastic reeds are enclosed in it with an inert gas called rhodium. Normally both of them are apart but when the magnetic field approaches the sensor, both reeds will come together hence completing the circuit. They can be used to detect whether a washing machine, refrigerator, or photocopier door is open or closed, Electromagnetic relays, weighing devices level meters etc. You can use it with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PIC etc microcontrollers in your DIY electronic projects for above mentioned applications. It does not provide any analog output, only digital output is there. It is cheap and small sensor to be integrated in your circuit.

Features and Specifications:-


  • Small, cheap and reliable.
  • Digital output
  • Easy to integrate
  • Operating voltage 3.3 to 5V


Package Includes:-

1 x Reed Switch/Sensor – Magnetic Switch – 28mm

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