Type-C USB Pro Micro Atmega32U4 5V/16MHz Board Module


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The Pro Micro Type C Microcontroller Development Board is a versatile and compact development platform designed for electronics enthusiasts and developers. It features a USB Type-C connector, making it easy to connect and program. With an ATmega32U4 microcontroller at its core, it provides ample computing power for various applications. This board offers an array of GPIO pins and supports a wide range of interfaces, making it ideal for prototyping and building custom projects.

Note: The actual product may vary in slight variation in color and components with the image shown depending upon quantity availability.


  1. Top-mount USB Type-C
  2. A total of 18 I/O Pins
  3. ATMEGA32u4 MCU
  4. Supports various interfaces for diverse projects
  5. Ideal for prototyping and custom electronics development.
  6. Wide range of GPIO pins for flexibility

Package Includes:

1 x Pro Micro Type C Microcontroller Development Board For Arduino

* Product Images are shown for illustrative purposes only and may differ from actual product.


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