Waveshare High precision Capacitive Fingerprint Reader (B), UART/USB dual ports


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The Capacitive Fingerprint Reader (B) is a fast and stable capacitive fingerprint module specialized for secondary development, suits integration applications.
By incorporating a high-performance Cortex core processor, high-security commercial fingerprint algorithm, and advanced semiconductor fingerprint sensor, this module is designed as an intelligent integration module with functions including fingerprint enrolling, image processing, template generating and storing, fingerprint matching, and searching, etc.


  1. Easy to use by some simple commands, you don’t have to know any fingerprint technology, or the module inter structure/calculation
  2. The commercial fingerprinting algorithm, stable performance, fast identification
  3. Sensitive detection, just touch the collecting window lightly, without pressing
  4. Allows to freely input/output fingerprint images, fingerprint feature file and other fingerprinting actions
  5. Dual communication, UART or USB
  6. Comes with rich development resources (related command documents, tools, and examples for Raspberry Pi/Arduino/STM32)

Package Includes:

1 x Capacitive Fingerprint Reader (B)

1 x PH2.0 5PIN wire

Specifications :-

Input Voltage (V) 3.3~5
Dynamic current(mA) <40
Matching time 0.5s
ESD SD IEC 61000-4-2 LEVEL 4 positive/negative 15KV air discharge
Fingerprint capacity 3000
Greyscale 256 (8-bit)
Display Resolution 208 288
Sensor dimension(mm) 33.4 20.4
Module dimension(mm) 34 28.5

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