KY-024 Linear Magnetic Hall Effect Sensor Module


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The KY-024 Linear Magnetic Hall Effect Sensor Module and a digital interface, built-in 13 LED build a simple circuit to produce a magnetic field warning lamp comes with digital interfaces of the LED, the linear Hall sensor magnetometer access number 3 interface, when linear Hall magnetometer Sensor senses a key signal, LED lights, otherwise off.

Hall switch integrated circuit using hall effect principle, Uses the semiconductor integrated technology manufacturing magnetic susceptibility of the circuit, it is by the voltage regulator, hall voltage generator, differential amplifier, Schmitt triggers, temperature compensation, and the open collector output stage circuit composed of magnetic sensitive sensor circuit, its input for the magnetic induction intensity, the output is a digital voltage signal.

A magnetic field is detected by the sensor and will be printed as an analog voltage value. You can control the sensitivity of the sensor with the potentiometer.

  1. VCC 2.3V ~ 5.3V
  2. GND power supply ground
  3. AOUT MCU.IO(analog output)
  4. DOUT MCU.IO(digital output)
  1. Motor speed measurement
  2. Object position detection
  3. Smart car
  4. Electronic bricks


Features :

  1. Features wide range voltage comparator LM393
  2. Adjustable sensitivity
  3. Signal output indicator with the retaining bolt hole, convenient installation
  4. Output form digital switch output (0 and 1 high and low level)
  5. Signal output indication
  6. Single channel signal output
  7. The output effective signal is low level
  8. When there is sound, outputs low level and the signal light
  9. Can be used for Acoustic control light, give sound and light alarm working with the Photosensitive sensor, and sound control, sound detect


Package Includes :

1 x KY-024 Linear Magnetic Hall Effect Sensor Module

Additional information

Operating Voltage (VDC) 3.3 ~ 5
Length (mm) 35
Width (mm) 15
Height (mm) 14
Weight (gm) 3
Shipment Weight 0.085 kg

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